Traditions of the Ohta Family

Certain traditions have been passed on from parent to child for generations in the main branch of the family. "The ancestors of the Three Ohta Brothers came from Tamaru in Ise. They were of the Seiwa Genji line, and when Lord Niwa entered Nihonmatsu Castle, the three brothers settled here. That was over 300 years ago."

"The three brothers brought the family's three Amitabha Buddha statues with them. Each Amitabha is dedicated to protecting each of the brother's families. Our Amitabha is the Buddha on the right." It is said that the children sat before the Buddhas every morning with their parents, chanted an invocation, and recited a sutra. The whole family sat before the Amitabha before breakfast.

These traditions suggest that at least one of the three Amitabha Buddhas statues handed down in the family for over 360 years, since the Niwa family gained power in 1643, still exists. There is also a picture scroll of the journey from Ise to Nihonmatsu.